Considering acupuncture?

Welcome, and thanks for considering acupuncture for your health needs! I hope you’ll join me.

I offer acupuncture (and associated techniques,) herbal medicine prescriptions, and custom workshops in Fincastle, Virginia in the beautiful overlap of the Shenandoah and Roanoke Valleys.  Although I’m located in Botetourt County, I offer online consultations and workshops to clients all over the country.

My style is classical Chinese medicine, which you can read about in greater detail here.

Most people have (lots) of questions about acupuncture, because it’s a pretty foreign concept to most of us. I endeavor to answer those questions here.

You can also find information about acupuncture and my style in the Essays section. (You’ll notice most of these were written by my acupuncturist wife, Mary Beth Huwe. She has her own site now, and you can check her out here.)

Here are some common reasons people contact me:

  • †Nothing’s really wrong (but something’s missing): These folks may have minor health complaints, but are overall feeling quite good. We explore Chinese medicine-based ways to accelerate, integrate, and deepen their well-being and healing.
  • A major diagnosis or upheaval: These folks are facing a major life change, usually in the form of an illness. This could include a recent diagnosis or chronic experience of a disease process like cancer, Parkinson’s, or Lupus. Or it could be something like a divorce, grief, or a career change.
  • People in pain: Injuries, surgeries, and unknown causes can all be contributing factors to pain – and all can be relieved or improved naturally by acupuncture.
  • Everyone else: I work with people who are dealing with various health concerns such as sleep problems, gynecological issues, addiction recovery, and digestive complaints.

If you aren’t sure if acupuncture can help, set up a consultation. I’d love to talk!