New Client Info

Hi! I’m looking forward to getting started together. On this page you’ll find the explanations and materials you’ll need for your first acupuncture appointment – including forms and driving directions.

A get-acquainted-with-the-process document, What to Expect, addresses common questions about acupuncture, my clinic, and how we’ll work together. It’s purely optional reading.


Please print the above Medical History form, fill out at least the first three pages, and bring to your appointment. The rest of the form is optional; whatever you want to fill out will help me get an overview of your health.

You won’t need to print out the following three documents because I’ll have copies of them for you at the appointment. Reading them in advance, though, may answer some questions you have about the process.


7 N. Water St.
Fincastle, VA 24090

Landmarks (because GPS often leads people astray in Fincastle) :

  • Turn left on Water at the bottom of Main
  • 2nd drive on the right
  • (Look for tree stained-glass window on the front window)